We Are the Insurance Company’s Best Kept Secret

My name is Andy Moler, and I’m with The People’s Adjuster. Typically when you have a claim, you called into the insurance company, and they appoint an adjuster to come out and look at your client. But people have become to realize that there is a conflict of interest there because the insurance adjuster doesn’t represent you, they represent the insurance company. So in this scenario, you’re letting them determine how much of their money they feel like giving you, this gave birth to our industry where we represent the homeowner, we advocate for them to ensure that they get full recovery on their claims. Claims adjusters are paid to close claims as quickly as possible, and this can result in sloppy work. We are paid to find damage, and there is a big difference. We spend a lot of time analyzing each part of your claim, and our efforts usually result in a significant increase in your claim settlement. When it comes to estimating, it is a very arbitrary thing, and there is a wide range of acceptable numbers. You know if you get a roof estimate you are going to get a high number, a low number, and something in the middle. The insurance company estimates tend to be on the low side; we tend to be on the high side, and then we meet somewhere in the middle. So the next time you have a claim, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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