Restoration Company vs Public Adjuster

Day after day I witness honest people go through horrific events like a fire. I usually drive up and there is a sign in the front yard from a restoration company marking its territory. Some of them hide behind a disguise as a board up company trying to earn your trust and get the restoration job. When I lost my home, I ran off several restoration companies, even then it appeared to be a scam, I just didn’t know at the time. Everyone has a passion or desire to help someone, especially if you’ve been through a particular event, especially a bad one. We are fire victims and our passion is helping others make it through a fire loss. I probably see 400 to 500 fires a year, out of that many fires only a small fraction will take the time to just talk. Why would anyone talk to someone like me when the restoration company and the adjuster are telling you I’m going to take half of your money or you don’t need a Public Adjuster?
Virtually everyone I talk to has been screwed by an insurance company, whether it’s a medical claim, car claim or a structure claim. It’s rare I talk to someone who is happy regarding their claim. Unfortunately, so many people are lied to and we never get an opportunity to talk. My insurance company told me I would be taken care of, I didn’t need to hire a public adjuster. Three days later they made the most ridiculous offer which insulted my Wife and Me, we hired a PA.

The difference between a restoration company and Full Recovery Public Adjusters is fundamentally total opposites. I guess you have heard the term, “show me the money”? We believe since you bought the policy, you should be the payee, it’s that simple. A restoration company believes they deserve your money. They sell their service as saving the insurance company money that keeps them on the preferred list.
When you hire a restoration company, everyone will get paid except you. When you allow them to clean your furniture of soot or water damage, even fire damage, you’re paying someone for absolutely nothing, and the word clean does not exist in your policy. Smoke and water damage is considered a peril, no different than fire damage. According to the policy you have every right to claim anything that had direct physical damage from any peril listed in the policy, this includes smoke damage. When you allow someone to remove your clothes: You’re giving away your money from the contents portion of your policy. Remember, the more they clean, the more they make.
We believe in Claim Management. We guide and advise you during the entire process so mistakes are not made. We establish the amount of loss without prejudice using the same software used by the insurance industry. We basically audit the estimate completed by the insurance company, more importantly, we have the legal right to argue. We do it all. A restoration company does not have this legal authority, according to NC Statute 58; it is a class 1 misdemeanor.
When a claim is managed, your waste of money is eliminated. Please understand, if you hire a restoration company the adjusters are required to work with them. They are very aware of this. Now, maybe you will understand why they show up so early. We have nothing against hiring a restoration company, we recommend interviewing several of them after we settle the claim. They should bid on the job like any other contractor, the best bid wins.

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